A man of honor: working with steel.

I’ve lived a long live and often considered myself a tough man, maybe a little be rough as well. My friends and colleagues treated me just about the same way. My profession, to which I dedicated the good deal of my life, was the metal smithing. I still remember pretty well, how it is to cast steel. Perhaps I could even do my routine closed-eyed, if not the security measures of course.

A day of a steel smith starts very early. Waking up on the dawn, all of the sudden making heavy thunder-like steps that also often woke the other inhabitants… Well, sometimes I felt like I was almost made of metal. The steel heart of mine – never fond of any delicate emotions, the steel fists of mine – making some noise late in the pubs, the steel brain – no, a stainless steel brain – never failing and still uncorroded from alcohol.

I loved listening to heavy metal, and every time I did so, the music resonated with me on a deep level. I could never mistake these vibrations, even if I drank too much. A steel bike I had – well that’s a necessary thing of course. I also had a barbell. I could lift it with one hand, but I couldn’t care less. I just kept on sweating every Sunday while listen my favorite music.

If you ask me what it takes to become a good metal smith, like myself? Honestly, you would need three things. First – a steel temper. Second – a good education. Third – a good company. If anything of the three missed out, you would probably fail. Now let me elaborate on how it actually works in reality, if let’s say one of the conditions is not met.

If you didn’t have a steel temper, you could easily mess out while working with metals. The metals, while heated high up to the point of glowing, start swirling and raging, almost living their own life and it takes guts to be able to work with them as such. If you were not prepared while actually overseeing another piece of glowing hot metal, you would probably start shitting bricks.

If you didn’t have a good education, then no one would hire you, even if you were in love with your precious metal. Reality is reality, without education – we are nothing. If I didn’t study well, I wouldn’t even be able to support myself on my own. Depending on the parents and wife is one of the ugliest experiences for a good man and even more so for a man of steel.

A good company, well it’s obvious. If you want to create something good, you should work with a good company. If you want to make shit, you work with a shit company. The latter is unfortunately less paid, so in reality, there isn’t much of a choice. Personally as I was born in Vancouver, the best choice was Thompson Metal Fab. Check them out for job opportunities.